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Hiring New Employees: Protecting AND Growing Your Business

Posted by Mathew Flatow on May 24, 2017 10:57:29 AM

After a grueling search over resumes, countless interviews, and internal discussion you finally landed the perfect new addition to your company.  There is not a better feeling than finding that new addition who you feel will work wonders for the business. Now that you have the best person and they have accepted your offer, it’s time to get them to sign on the dotted lines.

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Are Independent Contractors Worth the Hype?

Posted by Mathew Flatow on May 9, 2017 6:05:55 AM

If you have started your own business or you already run a small business by yourself and you want to bring on help, you may think hiring independent contractors are the way to go. You may have heard that independent contractors are better for small businesses than hiring full- or part-time employees, but before making any final decisions, you should contact an experienced North Carolina employment attorney. They will be able to help you evaluate your business’s needs, goals, and liabilities, as well as make the best decision that sets your small business up for long-term success.

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An Employee Filed a Claim Against me with the EEOC. What do I Do?

Posted by Mathew Flatow on Apr 25, 2017 10:06:21 AM

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) is the federal agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting claims of discrimination in the workplace.  Employees who feel they have been discriminated against have 180 days from the date of the alleged discriminatory act to file a charge with the EEOC.  Within 10 days of receiving the charge, the EEOC will give notice to the employer.

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What is a fair workers’ compensation settlement?

Posted by Mathew Flatow on Apr 11, 2017 6:22:54 AM

Whether you work in an industrial, office, or retail setting, there is always going to be the possibility that you are injured on the job. Workplace accidents can take on many different forms, ranging from slip and falls, injuries caused by falling materials, overexertion, exposure to harmful chemicals, injuries resulting from workplace conditions and practices, highway accidents, and the actions or inactions of co-workers.

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